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Kudos features

Kudo’s is an application to help you build an engaging culture through appreciation and recognition. Built on ServiceNow® platform we provide easy to configure workflows to help employees submit recognitions, get approval’s and share it across multiple social platforms with a single click. Integrate with performance management and learning management to get the best out of our application suite.

Celebrate and share across the organization

Integrate our application with intranet portals, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to celebrate the joy. You would have never imagined sharing success could be such a breeze.

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Shout-out to the performers

We went beyond making yet another recognition application. Make your messages personal and lively. Upload a recorded audio message, select the recipient and let them hear you out.

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Like, comment, and share the success

At CoFigure, user interface is of paramount importance. Our application provides unparallel and attractive user interface to encourage your employees to like, comment and share recognitions in an easy to use manner.

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Small recognitions bring incremental shifts

Bringing employees closer through recognition has been proven to be culturally rewarding. Motivated and Driven employees look for appreciation and Kudos is all you need to drive a performing culture

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Network of technology, not just people

Integrate with Performance Management or ServiceNow HRSD and with a single click you have all it needs to engage your workforce to perform better each day. Our platform comes with ServiceNow security and automation capabilities so you can see the ROI right from day one.

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Insights brought to life

Bring in thought provoking insights to hone your cultural transformation. Easily identify and enhance department engagement to have a truly collaborated network.

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Encourage your team with rewards

Kudos now let’s your employees give and receive reward points, which they can use to buy gifts or donate.

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Recognition and support through likes and comments help engage and motivate employees.

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Managers have an easy and reliable way to appreciate successes of their team members.

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Through the integration of Kudos with Performance Management, HR can leverage insights to identify employee engagement strategies.


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